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Macardy Analytics was founded by Cian McCarthy, a 29-year-old from Limerick city in Ireland with a passion for technology. Cian holds a Master of Science in Business Analytics from the University of Limerick and has been professionally involved with telecommunications and analytics for half a decade. This unique experience has given Cian an insight into how technology can shape the world and what it means to get the right services to the right people at the right time. It’s not about commerce or notoriety, it’s about changing the world one innovation at a time.


Cian McCarthy is the force behind developing our Key Ecosystem availability, Wycklow and Problem management dashboards. Cian was able to self-start and deliver the dashboards at an incredibly fast pace. These dashboards are critical for TES to identify our hot spots and focus on them. We are looking to also expand the dashboards that Cian built beyond TES since teams across DD can reap in the benefit of these. Cian has been (and continues to be) instrumental in visualizing metrics for APEX SRE incident management. His proficiency with Power BI and ServiceNow data has allowed the team to see trends, opportunities and areas of investment. His professional demeanor and response are extremely high and contribute towards a great partnership between DD and the Apex teams! In addition, Cian designed these to have the easy to use, self-service based, easy drill down leader level capability that was much needed. Thank you for fantastic work Cian!

Game Changer 3 – Innovation – Kavitha Imani, Vice President Information Technology at Dell
Jun 2022

Cian produced a Power BI dashboard for visualizing key incident metrics in record time, allowing my team and other APEX-positioned teams to see trends in issues reported by product managers and sales makers. As APEX scales, the ability to see the customers’ voices via incidents is critical. Cian has suggested and implemented visualization features that have surpassed the minimal requirements and has collaborated with other BI developers to learn new techniques and optimal ways of achieving functionality. His responsiveness and professional demeanor are extremely high. I look forward to continuing the partnership between our teams!

Providing Valuable Performance Insights – Brian Bollich, Technical Program Manager, APEX Site Reliability Engineering
Apr 2022

Cian has been working on powerbi dashboards for various teams across the company including Apex, Problem Management, Major Incident Management and the leadership teams in Dell Digital among others. These dashboards have enabled us to start having an up to date area where each owner can perform a deep dive on their applications and review if they were impacted by another org or impacted another org. We can easily review trends and see history across all of DD from an ecosystem report to incident to problem cases and drill down. These reports can also be used to save time creating decks and instead view and analyse the live data while on calls rather than spending hours working on decks for the same information. Cian had to work with many teams to enable this to happen. He drove this to ensure it was complete and worked on any updates requested of him by the leadership team and supported it all the way through. Thank you Cian fantastic job on creating this.

Innovation – Dashboards – Tony Bedford, Senior Manager Problem Management at Dell Technologies
Jun 2022

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